Big Data

Big Data is the trend and weapon for enterprise success to look for data-driven business insight. With the integrated big data platform, organization has competitive advantage by making it faster and simpler to generate powerful impact business insights from big data.

We provide service to collect multiple resources of big data, extract real meaning, predict future, make data-driven analysis and help enterprise growth.

Business Intelligence

In order to minimize time in decision making cycle, improve quality of decision making, Business Intelligence is imperative in modern management.

We provide service to data analysis, data visualization and performance evaluation that allows the user to query and access the company dashboard to make optimized business decisions.

Performance Management

Performance management includes hierarchical performance and individual performance management. Regardless of the type of analysis, the ultimate goal is to improve organization performance.

We provide service to review strategic performance indicators and performance management system implementation.

Planning and Budgeting Management

In the past, companies focused their budget management on analysis of historical performance. In modern times, companies pursue the next step and integrate strategic planning, annual planning, annual budget and forecast, closely linking budget with company strategy. However, the most important issue in budget management is to improve the management process and the efficiency in the what-if simulation and budget allocation.

We provide service to review planning/budget management protocol and process as well as planning /budget system implementation.


In the globalization, consolidated report is the mainstream business practice. If the parent company analyzes individual company’s financial reports, it’s difficult to fully grasp each company’s operation, finance and performance.

We provide service to review the consolidation process, design reporting package and provide consolidation system implementation.